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PsychicPeeblz PsychicPeeblz

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Just...just stupid- no, just FUCKING stupid. I'm being blatantly honest with this, it was way past horrible. I could barely understand the garbled nonsense that was being spoken at all and with it being only about ten to twenty seconds just equals a representation of disaster striking and empowering over this animation.

So this is your way for expressing a complaint about a certain popular flash artist? And, to make it a little bit more of a subtle message, you decided to sugarcoat it with a little animation that was barely passable with little to no movement constantly happening throughout the entire thing? You're trying to send a message; we get it. I'm just glad that you had the dignity to not slap an ad on there for revenue purposes.

Look, I'm not really sure if you're trying to express this just as a joke or not, but even if it IS a joke, I couldn't really like it anyway. If I took it as if it were just a joke, then you'd probably receive a zero out of me anyway. The fact that you're receiving even half a star is just a little short of remarkable.

~Review Request Club~

ZTV News Episode 2 ZTV News Episode 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So I'll just come to terms and say that I fucking LOVED this. There were a few hiccups here and there, but not with any animation or artwork. It just has to do with humor. Yes, I know that the whole point of the Stamper sketch was supposed to be that it seemed like he was nothing but a hopeless perverted son-of-a-bitch who just couldn't learn to shut up. But even then, that was dragged out for a little bit past my limit for how long I could take it.
You have to understand, when it comes to shortish animations like this, you need to pace your punches. If it is only thirty seconds to one minute, you need to deliver them pretty frequently. When it's about ten minutes long, then you can take a little bit. Your animation was just about inbetween the times. So you seemed to drag it out too long. But only for one sketch, so I can't really complain much.
I can't wait for the next episode, in short. Your mascot is a very well-designed mascot, well suited to your style of animation (yes, I have seen some of the others). I'm just glad that you also have the great voice talent to go along with it.

4 Swords Misadventures 7 4 Swords Misadventures 7

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'll just go on up-front an say this: I love this series to death (for those of you keeping count on my reviews, I know I said I hated parodies, but this is a major exception; I started watching when I was about ten or so and it has stuck). Anyway, I'm just glad that you got this episode out of the gutter and put it up on Newgrounds for our viewing pleasure.

Well, spritework can be tricky. There are those who will say that they hate it because it isn't really animation (using something that someone already created) and there are so who say it is animation because you can still custom most of the sprites out there. This is just one of the greatest examples of sprite animation that I have ever seen. It's just so smooth (for the most part) and I can't really tell if you have custom-made any of them or not, but I could care less.

The voice acting was very well done, as always. It just doesn't seem that you, Victor, got into the part of your character as well as the others did (maybe because you were too busy trying to animate the series). I just wish there was a little more oomph and emphasis on the acting is all I'm saying.

Probably the best part was when the hand-drawn animations were done. I never really realized that you could parody two different series at once. I think that just made the episode.

Overall, very well done. A round of applause to you and your cast-mates or whatever you would like to call them. I wish you luck on your future works.

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Recent Game Reviews

MLP: The Sim Date MLP: The Sim Date

Rated 2 / 5 stars

So my view may be a little biased considering that I hate MLP to death. I try to put that aside, though, just for the sake of the actual review depending on its content and how much fun I had while playing this game. And I've got to say, for a Point'n'Click adventure Sim-date, it wasn't very enjoyable. Usually I would enjoy these, but with so many different games that have come out recently, reinventing old ideas that are kind of backwash, I was expecting the same here. You put a unique twist on the old genre, but you failed to actually innovate any ideas.

I only played the game through once, figuring that was enough of it. I knew that I would basically get the same ending just with a different character. Yes, all it eventually ends with in most Sim-dates is that you eventually have sex with the character(s) that you chose to try and gain their trust. It is just a typical thing that people could probably use a little mix-up for.

My advice: trying mixing things up a little bit. Yes, in some cases it's good to stick with the original, but what people don't understand by doing that is that there are ways to advance games even as typical as this. Add more locations; more variety! That's what I am trying to say to you....oh, and get some damn music to go in the background.

~Review Request Club~

YomToxic responds:

You're welcome.
Hint: There's another ending. Get both characters to 'close friends' and wait until day 100.

PS: I really SHOULD have implemented a better time system and some background music.

Mouse Maze: No Mouse 4 Mouse Maze: No Mouse 4

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is actually quite a challenging game. I enjoyed it a lot, but it does need a whole HELL of a lot of work, I can tell you. Programming and artwork both need some redoing, if I may say so.

First off, the occasional pop-up of the mouse pointer kind of defeats the purpose of an "invisible cursor," now doesn't it? I do realize that this is probably just an issue that couldn't be fixed. Also, if I may say this, DISABLE THE RIGHT-CLICK. I got through the game in about a minute or less just because of being able to perform a right click. Or at least make an on right-click command so that way whenever someone does that during the level, it'll make them restart the level or restart the game for that matter.

Artistically, I find myself kind of annoyed with how simple it is. Yeah, you changed the darkness and brightness of some colors, trying to add a little bit of a "flare," so to speak. I couldn't find myself entrapped in anything of the sort.

The music was the closest thing to fitting for the game. Next time, though, may I suggest that you choose something more soothing for the player so that way he/she could take their time with it instead of feeling like they should try to rush it just because of the beat?

~Review Request Club~

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CrazyRock responds:


Scraps Scraps

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Brilliant, to say the least about it. Since this was actually such a short game, I believe I'll leave a shorter review. The story (or what of it) that was presented throughout the game was the simple stereotypical "humanity went wrong and robots lived on" vibe, but it still was able to give out itself very honestly. No real frills, either.

I just wish that you added a few frills with, per say, gameplay. Just simply jumping around like your robot has malfunction every few seconds is kind of boring. No enemies, no real major puzzling obstacles; nothing at all. That's what disappointed me.

For an experiment, though, you did a very well done job at it. The artwork more than made up for the lack of gameplay. I was actually thinking of entering this Stencyl competition myself, but it looks like I won't have the time to actually flesh out my idea any. Good luck if you decide to refine your skills with Stencyl.

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Recent Audio Reviews

Nighttime Pursuit Nighttime Pursuit

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'll say that I enjoyed this piece very much. The synth really kept things uptempo and actually put some life into the piece. If that had not been there, it would've been so dull otherwise. I do have to say that I really thought that the violin (although a nice addition to the loop) really had no business being there in the first place. I want a little more of the essentials of the genre rather then blending in some other varieties. In other words, I would like the bass to be a bit more prominent than what it's use was.

To go beyond that, I hated that the snare drum was so under utilized. Just a simple fast and generic rock-type beat? I knew there could've been something better. I was wondering if things would become more upbeat. The worst part of this loop: it felt like I was listening to the same thing for 1:31. When I say that, I mean it was way too generic that you couldn't even mix it up just a bit? A little asking is all.

Chipped It Chipped It

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Considering there's only two seconds of it, I can't really get a good feel for it in any way shape or form. You're asking me to review something that sounds boring and overused after you get to listening at it at least ten times, and I didn't even realize it until I actually payed attention and saw the player say that it was only two seconds long.

Just try making a bigger loop if you're going to do this. I mean, two seconds is absolutely nothing, especially with things like electronica when you can loop the same beat ENDLESSLY.

~Review Request Club~

Off The Map: Piano Off The Map: Piano

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just a very beautiful piece of music. As I play a little piano myself, I can actually understand and feel the soft tone given off by the song. Masterfully done, I must say. I'll tell you one thing though: I think other instrumentation would ruin it....unless you gave it something more of a softer partner instrument (baritone saxophone---in other words, anything that is deeper sounding).

But to put this song to a real test, I listened to it twice. Once to just listen to it. I wanted to soak in the melody and wander off in the harmony (which, by the way, IS a little strange). I did so, and it worked lovely. Then, I decided to see if I can notice it while performing some other activity on the computer----reading an article or something of the sort. So while I was reading the article, I could notice it. I could still hear it speaking it mellifluous musical soul still speaking to me. Considering I can't really concentrate on more than one thing at a time, this was a huge accomplishment on your part.

Bravo, and if you do decide to make an instrumentation version of the song, I can only say: encore.

~Review Request Club~

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CheckeredZebra responds:

Thank you very much, it makes me very glad to hear you enjoyed it. =)
I'm still debating what instruments to use if I were to orchestrate it, and I think you're correct in that it'd be pretty difficult to give it the same feel. Worth a shot, though! (Sadly my sax MIDIs are absolute crap, but aren't they all? Ohwell.)
Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. =)

Recent Art Reviews

Jillian on the Ocean Jillian on the Ocean

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad at all (forgive me if this review is kind of short, I'm not that good at writing art reviews and I try my best to stretch things out a bit). I haven't gotten a chance to look at some of your previous pieces of work, so I don't really know the quality that you're dishing out with this one. In fact, the only thing I know is that apparently this is one of your first ones with a background actually in it.

So, here's what I've got to say: her body looks distorted. The way that the character's back arches compared to her bottom is kind of awry. Not to mention, just hiding the front half of her torso behind her leg is just kind of strange and I can't really tell if it is being cut off at a slant or if it just a slight case of anorexia. With the background that you provided, though, it looks good; I'll say that about it. The clouds actually look properly the right about of faded and poofy all-together. The ocean, however, looks....strange. When it goes over the horizon, it looks just plain cut-off. It didn't seem to fit in along with your nice sky in the back.

There's just one thing else that bothers the heck out of me: there are two different styles of artwork (or so it seems) that you used for the background and the girl. As you gave the woman a more cartoonish texture, you gave the background and its objects more of a realistic tone rather than the same cartoon type style. However, I'm looking forward to your future work and see how this character develops.

~Review Request Club~

DragonPunch responds:

Well, I use cartoon style proportions, so please excuse her body looking a little off. I actually drew the lines for her body, and I thought they measured up quite accurately, by what I saw. I double-checked, no TRIPLE checked it was correct. I even referenced a figure book I had, and it looked right for the pose. I'm just using cartoon/anime style proportions, so again, sorry it looks off. I'll try and make the pose less awkward-looking. This IS the first time I drew this pose, so yeah...You get the idea. I do appreciate the feedback, and thanks for bringing that issue up; I'll definitely look into that next time I draw this pose some time into the future. For now, look forward to even more scandalous pictures of Jillian. Till then, peace out! :)

Beast Beast

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

With a Charizard-esque look to this supposed "Beast," I'm a little more than skeptical on this piece. I don't really enjoy when people kind of make it close to obvious that they're getting inspiration from something so popular and that has such a wide fan-base (prime example: Pokemon). I know that you may go on denying that you didn't get any inspiration for creating this piece of art from Pokemon, but the point is that many people, including myself, will see it as such and assume it whenever possible. In fact, the only major differences are probably the horns and the underbelly.

Artwork and coloring, inspiration aside, were actually very well done. I see that you put some to as much detail as you could without it looking like a sketchy mess into this work. The only thing that I didn't really like about it is probably the strange anatomy that you have going on. The fact that this creature looks like it is bending forward and yet somehow the pressure of his weight is put on his back arm rather than his front arm just looks strange.

Also, the cloud....moon....thing; it looks too plain. Up against a boring white background it just looks odd and out of place.

~Review Request Club~

Mabelma responds:

I see, thank you. I'll try my best to work on background and start adding backgrounds to my images. Thank you for leaving a review.

Crossing the Alps Crossing the Alps

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pieces of art like this are kind of hard to come by, with everyone trying 2D digital art instead of using a program to its finest by selecting 3D artwork. And although you say, "Elephants are cool," it looks to be the most lackluster feature of the entire picture..

The landscape looks very well done. I'm not really sure what the thing is in the middle of the image is (perhaps a fallen pillar or something? If so, it still has no earthly business being there). The mountain and clouds are blurred to perfection, as if it is a borderline between separation and fusion. I can't really say much for the actual characters in the work though. They seem so unmotivated by many things around them; unrealistic. And like I said, the elephant just doesn't look right at all. The tusks look like they have been warped together to form more of a hoop around the front of it, and the expression on its face is so annoying it can very well distract me from the rest of the picture!

It's a good piece of work all around, but....I just didn't feel like it spoke out loud enough as it could've. I really have no other way of describing it.

~Review Request Club~

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samulis responds:

Your eyes do not decieve you, that is indeed a fallen pillar in the center of the image... it is a symbolic gesture refering to the 17-odd years Hannibal spent pillaging and ruining the Italian countryside.

Characters are not my specialty, that is why they are the creations of others.

Blurring is thanks to a Depth of Field simulation in the program.

I understand what you mean... it's not a very aesthetically stimulating piece, as a glorious looking landscape or massive building would be.