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MLP: The Sim Date MLP: The Sim Date

Rated 2 / 5 stars

So my view may be a little biased considering that I hate MLP to death. I try to put that aside, though, just for the sake of the actual review depending on its content and how much fun I had while playing this game. And I've got to say, for a Point'n'Click adventure Sim-date, it wasn't very enjoyable. Usually I would enjoy these, but with so many different games that have come out recently, reinventing old ideas that are kind of backwash, I was expecting the same here. You put a unique twist on the old genre, but you failed to actually innovate any ideas.

I only played the game through once, figuring that was enough of it. I knew that I would basically get the same ending just with a different character. Yes, all it eventually ends with in most Sim-dates is that you eventually have sex with the character(s) that you chose to try and gain their trust. It is just a typical thing that people could probably use a little mix-up for.

My advice: trying mixing things up a little bit. Yes, in some cases it's good to stick with the original, but what people don't understand by doing that is that there are ways to advance games even as typical as this. Add more locations; more variety! That's what I am trying to say to you....oh, and get some damn music to go in the background.

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YomToxic responds:

You're welcome.
Hint: There's another ending. Get both characters to 'close friends' and wait until day 100.

PS: I really SHOULD have implemented a better time system and some background music.

Mouse Maze: No Mouse 4 Mouse Maze: No Mouse 4

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is actually quite a challenging game. I enjoyed it a lot, but it does need a whole HELL of a lot of work, I can tell you. Programming and artwork both need some redoing, if I may say so.

First off, the occasional pop-up of the mouse pointer kind of defeats the purpose of an "invisible cursor," now doesn't it? I do realize that this is probably just an issue that couldn't be fixed. Also, if I may say this, DISABLE THE RIGHT-CLICK. I got through the game in about a minute or less just because of being able to perform a right click. Or at least make an on right-click command so that way whenever someone does that during the level, it'll make them restart the level or restart the game for that matter.

Artistically, I find myself kind of annoyed with how simple it is. Yeah, you changed the darkness and brightness of some colors, trying to add a little bit of a "flare," so to speak. I couldn't find myself entrapped in anything of the sort.

The music was the closest thing to fitting for the game. Next time, though, may I suggest that you choose something more soothing for the player so that way he/she could take their time with it instead of feeling like they should try to rush it just because of the beat?

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CrazyRock responds:


Scraps Scraps

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Brilliant, to say the least about it. Since this was actually such a short game, I believe I'll leave a shorter review. The story (or what of it) that was presented throughout the game was the simple stereotypical "humanity went wrong and robots lived on" vibe, but it still was able to give out itself very honestly. No real frills, either.

I just wish that you added a few frills with, per say, gameplay. Just simply jumping around like your robot has malfunction every few seconds is kind of boring. No enemies, no real major puzzling obstacles; nothing at all. That's what disappointed me.

For an experiment, though, you did a very well done job at it. The artwork more than made up for the lack of gameplay. I was actually thinking of entering this Stencyl competition myself, but it looks like I won't have the time to actually flesh out my idea any. Good luck if you decide to refine your skills with Stencyl.

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