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Jillian on the Ocean Jillian on the Ocean

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad at all (forgive me if this review is kind of short, I'm not that good at writing art reviews and I try my best to stretch things out a bit). I haven't gotten a chance to look at some of your previous pieces of work, so I don't really know the quality that you're dishing out with this one. In fact, the only thing I know is that apparently this is one of your first ones with a background actually in it.

So, here's what I've got to say: her body looks distorted. The way that the character's back arches compared to her bottom is kind of awry. Not to mention, just hiding the front half of her torso behind her leg is just kind of strange and I can't really tell if it is being cut off at a slant or if it just a slight case of anorexia. With the background that you provided, though, it looks good; I'll say that about it. The clouds actually look properly the right about of faded and poofy all-together. The ocean, however, looks....strange. When it goes over the horizon, it looks just plain cut-off. It didn't seem to fit in along with your nice sky in the back.

There's just one thing else that bothers the heck out of me: there are two different styles of artwork (or so it seems) that you used for the background and the girl. As you gave the woman a more cartoonish texture, you gave the background and its objects more of a realistic tone rather than the same cartoon type style. However, I'm looking forward to your future work and see how this character develops.

~Review Request Club~

DragonPunch responds:

Well, I use cartoon style proportions, so please excuse her body looking a little off. I actually drew the lines for her body, and I thought they measured up quite accurately, by what I saw. I double-checked, no TRIPLE checked it was correct. I even referenced a figure book I had, and it looked right for the pose. I'm just using cartoon/anime style proportions, so again, sorry it looks off. I'll try and make the pose less awkward-looking. This IS the first time I drew this pose, so yeah...You get the idea. I do appreciate the feedback, and thanks for bringing that issue up; I'll definitely look into that next time I draw this pose some time into the future. For now, look forward to even more scandalous pictures of Jillian. Till then, peace out! :)

Beast Beast

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

With a Charizard-esque look to this supposed "Beast," I'm a little more than skeptical on this piece. I don't really enjoy when people kind of make it close to obvious that they're getting inspiration from something so popular and that has such a wide fan-base (prime example: Pokemon). I know that you may go on denying that you didn't get any inspiration for creating this piece of art from Pokemon, but the point is that many people, including myself, will see it as such and assume it whenever possible. In fact, the only major differences are probably the horns and the underbelly.

Artwork and coloring, inspiration aside, were actually very well done. I see that you put some to as much detail as you could without it looking like a sketchy mess into this work. The only thing that I didn't really like about it is probably the strange anatomy that you have going on. The fact that this creature looks like it is bending forward and yet somehow the pressure of his weight is put on his back arm rather than his front arm just looks strange.

Also, the cloud....moon....thing; it looks too plain. Up against a boring white background it just looks odd and out of place.

~Review Request Club~

Mabelma responds:

I see, thank you. I'll try my best to work on background and start adding backgrounds to my images. Thank you for leaving a review.

Crossing the Alps Crossing the Alps

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pieces of art like this are kind of hard to come by, with everyone trying 2D digital art instead of using a program to its finest by selecting 3D artwork. And although you say, "Elephants are cool," it looks to be the most lackluster feature of the entire picture..

The landscape looks very well done. I'm not really sure what the thing is in the middle of the image is (perhaps a fallen pillar or something? If so, it still has no earthly business being there). The mountain and clouds are blurred to perfection, as if it is a borderline between separation and fusion. I can't really say much for the actual characters in the work though. They seem so unmotivated by many things around them; unrealistic. And like I said, the elephant just doesn't look right at all. The tusks look like they have been warped together to form more of a hoop around the front of it, and the expression on its face is so annoying it can very well distract me from the rest of the picture!

It's a good piece of work all around, but....I just didn't feel like it spoke out loud enough as it could've. I really have no other way of describing it.

~Review Request Club~

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samulis responds:

Your eyes do not decieve you, that is indeed a fallen pillar in the center of the image... it is a symbolic gesture refering to the 17-odd years Hannibal spent pillaging and ruining the Italian countryside.

Characters are not my specialty, that is why they are the creations of others.

Blurring is thanks to a Depth of Field simulation in the program.

I understand what you mean... it's not a very aesthetically stimulating piece, as a glorious looking landscape or massive building would be.

Captain-Ben_NG Captain-Ben_NG

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is actually very well done. I wouldn't go as far to say that this looked like an actual photograph, like some of the other reviewers have stated before. This just looks like a very well done piece of art. The only flaw that I see (unless he actually HAS this weird feature; if that's the case, I apologize) is something just below his ear. I mean, it doesn't have a different enough of a color pallet to define itself as a piece of offset hair. Nor does it have any natural way of just being there. It looks like something took a clean bite out of him, leaving a bone sticking out to produce a sharp piece of flesh of some sorts (weird way to describe, yes, but it's the only way that I could think of).

Job well done, I must say.

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CosmicDeath responds:

Thank you for your review :3 Yeah, that's actually a pretty good point, I didn't even see it that way. Ben has gauges in his ears (I'm sure they are much larger by now). I should have added some curve of light around the edge to highlight it as being a 3d object but at the time I guess it never occurred to me! Thanks again!

Redesign Redesign

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hm....well then. I can't really say that this isn't...uh...good or anything. I mean the artistry and very well done, capturing the femaleness of the central character. You gave her breasts distinct proportions to fit with the rest of her body. Thank you for that (sometimes I look at pieces of art and see somebody has made the breasts on the woman absolutely ridiculously enormous opposed to the rest of the woman's body and don't even think of anatomy as a problem).

My only complaint is (could be because of my slight homophobic tendencies) the too up-closeness of the penises (so many little children laughing at my review right now). I know that you're more known for your sex art and things of that nature, so this falls into the category of things. But, there's such a thing as overkill (speaking of which, you may have made the breasts proportional but I don't think that you made the guys' penises proportional at ALL, but it may be on purpose)., eh....I guess?